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Our experts support your organization to

Digitize education

We help taking courses and training online.

Tap new markets

We give top education a global reach.

Increase revenues

We tap the full potential of online education.

Our service contains of 5 important steps


Market Research

We increase organizations’ understanding of how e-learning is used and offered.


Portfolio Analysis

We identify what courses can be offered and for whom.


Technical Preparation

We compare different technical e-learning solutions.


Course Creation

We identify tasks and resources required to create courses, develops a project plan and creates first courses.


Content Distribution

We identify the channels and methods to deliver the marketing message and the courses

Our Projects

Online Teaching Excellence Certificate

OTEC allows online teachers to assess their skills and expertise and identify their own strengths and development needs.

Online University of Finland

Take online courses provided by Finland’s top universities and benefit from the best educational system in the world.

Learn socially with live instructors – languages, natural sciences, university courses, etc. – whenever you want, wherever you are.

Learn Science, Be The Change

In cooperation with FEOTA we make affordable and high quality physics courses available to students in Bangladesh.

Our Team

Ansgar Frankenberg

Ansgar Frankenberg


Julio Granda

Julio Granda


Karthik Sundar

Karthik Sundar


Mika Martikainen

Mika Martikainen


We make



E-learning is a wonderful thing. However, it most often lacks the social aspect of learning. Being in a classroom with your classmates, discussing with others, working on assignments together, all this is missing when you learn on your own with self-learning material. With an enthusiastic team of EduTech geeks from around the world based in Espoo, Finland we at Skilltize have made it our mission to change e-learning radically. We want learning online to be interactive, engaging, fun and efficient.

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