Outdoor Education and Stewardship at Adams State University

注册送现金可直接提现Ever wondered what it would be like to work outside for a living? If you like hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, paddling rivers, climbing mountains, or would like to know more about how to get involved in these activities, we can help you turn that into a fulfilling career!

注册送现金可直接提现The interdisciplinary approach for the?Outdoor Education and Stewardship (OES) degree prepares students to work in a diverse field. Designed to give outdoor professionals flexibility in building their careers, students gain skills in outdoor leadership, management, education, and environmental stewardship. Located within the department of Biology and Earth Sciences,?the OES degree deepens?students’ knowledge of environmental science and humankind’s relationship to the land. With its unique emphasis on stewardship, students will be putting their knowledge to practice by engaging in local projects including trail building, habitat and river restoration, and outdoor education for youth across the San Luis Valley. This degree will give you skills and experience complementing your desire to care for and protect wild places.

Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Education and Stewardship

with areas of emphasis in

  • Adventure Education emphasis prepares students to lead, facilitate, and engage with adventure recreation programming for a variety of diverse populations, activities, and objectives.
  • Environmental Education?emphasis?is?for students interested in leading or interacting with programs and services that emphasize environmental education, stewardship, or outfitting.

Outdoor Education and Stewardship Program Highlights

San Luis Valley

The San Luis Valley注册送现金可直接提现 is home to the headwaters of the Rio Grande which is the lifeline of our rich cultural and agricultural heritage. This remarkable region of Colorado includes the Great Sand Dunes National Park, 2 million acres of public lands including wetlands, wilderness areas, and 14ers, and people who are invested in the life and well-being of their communities. Here you will explore, learn, grow, and share your passion for the outdoors. Here you will shape your future.


Outdoor Education and Stewardship Program Outcomes

Colorado outdoor recreation industry jobs
22 Billion
Annual consumer spending in Colorado outdoor recreation

Your interest in outdoor recreation can evolve into an exciting career through a degree in Outdoor Education and Stewardship (OES). Whether you want to guide adventure trips, teach environmental education, work for a camp, be a park ranger, or an outfitter this program will prepare you to be an outdoor professional.

Field Experience

All students participate in a variety of field-based and service-learning experiences and complete a 400 hour internship. Students learn and apply skills in outdoor recreation activities, environmental stewardship, experiential learning, teamwork, communication, risk management, and program design.


Parks and Recreation
Adventure Guiding Services
Wilderness Therapy
Outfitter and Guide Services
Environmental Education
Natural Resource Management
Outdoor Camps
Dude Ranches
注册送现金可直接提现 Outdoor Retail

Outdoor Education and Stewardship Program Faculty

Curt Howell, M.Ed
OES Instructor and Program Coordinator
Brian Puccerella, M.A.
OES Instructor
Mat Erpelding, M.A.
OES Instructor

Outdoor Education and Stewardship Program Curriculum

Explore Some of Our Courses

OES 101 Outdoor Recreation Essentials (3 Credits)

This course is a comprehensive introduction to outdoor pursuits. Students learn basic outdoor skills including camping, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and paddle sports. Meets once a week for 3 hours. Field trips are required including overnight trips.

OES 261 Outdoor Leadership Expedition (6 Credits)

注册送现金可直接提现This is a field immersion experience to develop and practice outdoor leadership. Students participate in a two week backpacking expedition to learn and apply principles and strategies for minimum impact environmental ethics, risk management, teaching, and leadership.

OES 370 Environmental Stewardship (3 Credits)

This course immerses students into conservation practices and stewardship. Hands-on experience participating in local stewardship projects with nonprofit, federal, and state agencies will be a primary component of the course. Students will learn professional approaches and strategies for recreational trail design, maintenance and habitat restoration. Students participate in a variety of learning experiences in various locations throughout the San Luis Valley.

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