Online Teaching Excellence Certificate

The Online Teaching Excellence Certificate

… is a standardized certificate that assesses knowledge, skills and expertise of teachers in the online environment. The exam that leads to receiving the certificate is web-based, consists of a score that composes of the results achieved in each of the seven categories tested and can be taken by anyone from anywhere.

OTEC is useful both for online teachers as well as for educational institutions to identify strengths as well as development needs in teaching and to market teaching expertise.

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Online University of Finland

The Online University of Finland

… is a learning platform that makes academic courses from Finland accessible worldwide. In cooperation with Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences the Online University of Finland makes top education available to anyone wherever they are.

You can find courses for companies, universities, schools as well as individuals.

The learning platform

… was a learning platform that made learning personal. On users had the possibility to learn with experienced teachers from around the world in real time. Learning happened one-on-one or in small groups in the virtual classroom.

The main focus of was language learning. There were lessons and group courses from other fields such as mathematics, physics and chemistry as well.


Learn Science Be The Change

Learn Science, be the Change

… is a project that was launched in cooperation with FEOTA. It gives students and especially women from Bangladesh the chance to study high quality physics courses. The teaching happens in Finland and is provided to the students live online.

The project aims to make education from Europe affordable and accessible.